It's a scene from the HBO series The Deuce. The person in the scene has been reading Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, and complains to a person off camera: 'I can't make sense of this guy.'

The Deuce S1E7. Fair use.


Works in Progress

“Two Senses in Which Freedom Might (Not) Require Alternative Possibilities”

Abstract: The dominant approach to the question of whether freedom requires alternative possibilities is preoccupied with the successfulness of Frankfurt-style cases. Unfortunately, the dominant approach has led us to a difficult stalemate as the opposing sides effectively endorse for Frankfurt-style cases incompatible standards of success. In this essay, I argue that the failure of the dominant approach consists in its failure to distinguish metaphysical necessitation and metaphysical grounding as two importantly different senses in which freedom might (or might not) require alternative possibilities. Drawing in part on Sally Haslanger’s pioneering work in feminist philosophy, I then propose that a helpful way to move forward is to reconceive our guiding question by explicitly asking which of the two senses better serves the point of Frankfurt-style cases. In developing Haslanger’s approach and extending it to the freedom and alternative possibilities debate, my hope is to explore the broader methodological potentials of a signature feminist philosophical contribution, and, in turn, to further clarify the approach for feminist philosophy.

“Disentangling the Category of Women: Amelioration for a Trans Feminist Politics of Liberation”

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