I'm a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Arizona. Before that, I studied at The Ohio State University.

My philosophical interests are very broad. When forced, I usually explain to people that I'm most interested in the intersections of value theory and metaphysics. However vague and uninformative that explanation is, people tend to find it satisfying, or at least they appear to. Then, so be it?

Outside academic philosophy, I'm really into aviation. I taught visual effects back at OSU for three years. I build and maintain websites. I occasionally write and edit for Herstoria, a feminist blog that's sort of well-known in Chinese feminist circles. Many of my public writings since 2018 are also available on Matters.

A Note on My Name

While I was previously known as “Zhiyuan Li” (which remains my legal name), I would appreciate being known professionally as “Ding” due to family-related reasons. “Ding” can function as both a first name and a last name.

Pronouns: they/them.

(This website is muggle-proof.)