I’m currently a doctoral student in the philosophy department at the University of Arizona. I’m primarily interested in political and moral philosophy, and metaphysics. I have additional interests in feminist philosophy, the history of early analytic philosophy, philosophical logic, philosophical methodology, and the philosophy of mind. Still, what fascinate me most are questions that arise at the nexus of different areas of philosophy, and of philosophy and other disciplines.

Before coming to Arizona, I earned a B.A. in philosophy from The Ohio State University. I was also an instructor of OSU’s Media, Marketing and Communication (MMC) Scholars program for three years, where I taught After Effects and Nuke—two professional programs for visual effects and video compositing.

A Note on My Name

While I was previously known as “Zhiyuan Li” (which remains my legal name), I would appreciate being known professionally as “Ding” due to family-related reasons. “Ding” can function as both a first name and a last name.

(This website is muggle-proof.)